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Apr 20 2018
Did Robbie Turner Fabricate Alleged Fatal Car Accident? Comments (0)

OBBIE TURNER(Image via Robbie Turner/Facebook)

Robbie Turner of RuPaul's Drag Race reported being in an Uber that was struck by a drunk motorist, killing the car's driver but sparing Turner.

Now, The Stranger, after asking all the right questions and getting no reasonable answers, is reporting that Turner may have made the whole thing up ...

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Jan 29 2017
Twitter & Lyft Stand Against Trump's Muslim Ban Comments (0)

Honestly, Twitter should have no-platformed Trump and other alt-right nuts ages ago, but it's encouraging that the CEO has tweeted his condemnation of Trump's outrageous Muslim ban.

Even better, Lyft — in stark contrast to mealy-mouthed, conniving Uber — is donating a million bucks to the ACLU:

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