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Dec 18 2018
You're Welcome: Walking Jack's Core Collection Comments (0)

Walking Jack underwear - Omega Fitness photography - Daniel Tsvetkov 01(All images by Omega Fitness for Walking Jack)

Welcome to Walking Jack's Core Collection campaign, featuring Daniel Tsetkov, a model, a trainer and a model trainer ...

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Dec 17 2018
Furry & Fashionable + Jenifer Lewis vs. Trump + Photographer Calls Out Instagram's Anti-Gay Imagery Bias + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Max Adonis is an Adonis to the max.

BELOW: Keep reading for a furry twink showing his stuff, the death of a musical-theater icon, Jenifer Lewis vs. Trump and more ...

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Dec 16 2018
You're Welcome: DMXGEAR Neon Collection Comments (0)

IMG_8300_(Images by Petr Mamula for DMXGEAR)

Great new Neon Collection by DMXGEAR ...

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Dec 15 2018
Fleshback: Don Johnson Comments (0)

More Mantiques Daily HERE!

Dec 14 2018
Hit The BLEACH Comments (0)

Bleach45_HunterCanning(Images via Hunter Canning)

Dan Ireland-Reeves's award-winning UK drama Bleach is making its North American debut in a nine-week engagement starting January 4 at Tyler's Basement (637 Wilson Ave., Bushwick, Brooklyn).


First, look at the images of actors Eamon Yates and Brendan George and now hear this: This production, about a 24-year-old rent boy, is called “immersive.” So you don't want to miss that!

Tickets HERE!

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Dec 11 2018
You're Welcome: Antonio Silveira Comments (0)

Antonio Silveira by Carlos Mora for Brazilian Male Model_000(Image by Carlos Mora for Brazilian Male Model Magazine)

Antonio Silveira is cover-worthy — and then some — for Carlos Mora on/in the new Brazilian Male Model Magazine.

Antonio Silveira by Carlos Mora for Brazilian Male Model_014
Antonio Silveira by Carlos Mora for Brazilian Male Model_014

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French Kiss: A Peek At The New FACTORY FANZINE Comments (0)
Princeofparis-56(Images by Baldovino Barani)
FACTORY Fanzine 18's Prince of Paris holiday ish is here, featuring Chris H. shot 'n' styled by Baldovino Barani in Paris ...

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Dec 10 2018
Summer Pump + Notoriously Private Hostess Spills + Kangaroo Kicks The Bucket + Julia Roberts On Her Holes + Grindr Quitter + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Glistening party.

BELOW: Keep reading for '80s dish from Helena Kallianiotes, dead kangaroo, Julia Roberts's holes and more ...

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