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Jan 26 2016
6-PACK: Simply Beautiful + Pass The KY + The State Of Gabrielle Union Is Strong + Oscar White Gold + Miley Hall + Dark & Lovely! Comments (0)
Video still via AP: Click here to watch.

*widget boy cultureMale models are not douchebags, they're simple guys. With barrettes.

*widget boy cultureGay KY mayor is after Rand Paul's seat.

*widget boy cultureGabrielle Union takes on “crazy lady” Stacey Dash.

*widget boy cultureGreatest white moments of the Oscars.

*widget boy cultureWoody Allen nabs Miley Cyrus.

*widget boy cultureCheck out XO Jasen's queertastic “Kiss Me Dark Destroyer” song/video.

Video still from “Kiss Me Dark Destroyer” by XO Jasen. Click here to view.
Apr 29 2014
Tony Tony Tony Has Done It Again Comments (0)


The Tony nominations were disappointing to me, in that some shows I supported and enjoyed so much were snubbed.

I think Cabaret is as amazing (if not more) as it was 15 years ago and Bullets Over Broadway was an old-fashioned hoot that compares favorably to many others that have been nominated over the years. I stupidly passed up discounted tickets for Gentleman's Guide in favor of the starrier Of Mice and Men (which I also thought was really good, if not amazing).

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is the best show in town, so it was nice to see it get nominated for just about everything; that's at least one reason to watch the Tonys.

Were you surprised by any of the high-profile omissions—Bullets, Rocky, If/Then, Denzel, Franco, Michelle Williams, Cabaret in general?