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Aug 22 2018
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Jul 13 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: Modus Vivendi's Marine Line Comments (0)

Marine Line Lifestyle No Logo (3)(Images by Stas Vokman for Modus Vivendi)

The Modus Vivendi Marine Line is here ...

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Jun 30 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: L'Homme Invisible's Morpheus Line Comments (0)

L'Homme Invisible -  Morpheus Line 05(All images via L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible's new Morpheus Line is here — and barely-there ...

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May 22 2018
Relax, It's Just A New Line: Paul Goes To Hollywood Comments (0)

P.G.T.H._2(Images via My Lost Uncle-MissingSince1979)

So many great titles together!

Paul Goes to Hollywood is a men's collection from the Finnish brand My Lost Uncle-MissingSince1979.

Via press release:

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May 06 2018
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Joker by Verner Degray 2(Images by Verner Degray)

Verner Degray turns in a sexy new shoot ...

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May 03 2018
You're Welcome: Woody Fox Comments (0)

Garcon model swimwear 4(Images by Andrew Stubbersfield)

Andrew Stubbersfield shoots Woody Fox in Garçon Model in preparation for summer ...

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Apr 28 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: Jose For Pump! Comments (0)

ACM_3087(All images by Adrian C. Martin)

More of Jose, this time for Pump! ...

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Apr 17 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: L'Homme Invisible — Copacabana Line Comments (0)

LHomme Invisible - copacabana line 02(Image via L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible has a new Copacabana Line. Preview above, more here.