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Nov 15 2018
You're Welcome: Griffin Barrows Comments (0)

Nov 14 2018
You're Welcome: Parker Gregory Comments (0)
Nov 09 2018
You're Welcome: MV's Tiger Underwear Line Comments (0)

MV_Tiger_Line_Lifetyle Pictures NoLogo (5)(Images by Panos Misiailidis for Modus Vivendi)

More super hot imagery from Modus Vivendi, this time the Tiger Underwear Line.

MV_Tiger_Line_Lifetyle Pictures NoLogo detail (1)

Keep reading to go in-depth ...

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Nov 07 2018
You're Welcome: Bold & Beautiful Garçon Model Comments (0)

Garçon Model underwear 2(All images via Garçon Model)

Garçon Model offers some new pictures that will have you staring at this guy's pink ...

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Nov 02 2018
You're Welcome: Konstantinos Konstantinou Comments (0)

MV_XLux_Line_Lifestyle Pics No Logo (8)(All images via Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi's new E-Lux Underwear Line is here ...

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Oct 29 2018
You're Welcome: John DeLuca Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 6.03.29 PMHe's got DeLuca! (Image via Instagram)

I met John DeLuca when he was shooting Teen Beach Movie back in the day in Puerto Rico. He was running around the beach with his also-stunning brother; he has two. Super nice! And a total movie star. I think he will take off someday — he's got all the elements.

If you like his spandex Halloween costume, CLICK HERE for more sexy (and fun) lewks from the stars and soon-to-be-stars!

Keep reading for more of Johnny ...

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Oct 23 2018
You're Welcome: Dylan By Verner Degray Comments (0)

Dylan by Verner Degray 4(Images by Verner Degray)

Verner Degray shoots sexy Dylan. Much more after the jump ...

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Oct 22 2018
Where's The Beef?: A Chat With Muscle Photographer, Author & Archivist Reed Massengill Comments (0)

Reed Massengill_1998 Brian Self-PortraitMassengill in a self-portrait with his subject Brian (Image by Reed Massengill; author photo by Phillip Pomeroy)

Reed Massengill is a noted photographer and an expert in the field of beefcake photography, Reed Massengill Author Photo by Phillip Pomeroyand the author or co-author of books on the work of George Quaintance (2010), Lon of New York (2004), and Roy Blakey (2002). He is also the author of the award-winning Portrait of a Racist: The Man Who Killed Medgar Evers (1994), and of acclaimed books of his own male nudes, including the stunning Brian: A Nine-Year Photographic Diary (2000).

Reed Massengill_High School ModelMassengill's first model — in high school! (Image by Reed Massengill)

As a lifelong fan of male nude photography myself, I wanted to check in with him on the field to see where it's been, where it's going, and if he believes the beefcake of the past will be fully accepted as art in the future — or whether the tastemakers in the art world will always be penis-shy ...

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