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Aug 12 2020
Pietro Boselli's Latest Campaign Comments (0)

Pietro-boselli-petra-shirtless-speedo-boycultureWear, oh, wear ... (All images by Ollie Ali for Petra Design)

Whatever Petra Design paid Pietro Boselli to model their latest swimwear, it wasn't enough ...

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Jul 19 2020
You're Welcome: Orlando Delgado Comments (0)

Jul 10 2020
You're Welcome: Roger For Walking Jack Comments (0)

Roger by LouisC - Walking Jack Bluebird Solid Briefs 04boyculture(All images by Louis C. Photography for Walking Jack)

Roger (GRRR) in his Walking Jack undies, as shot by Louis C. Photography.

Roger by LouisC - Walking Jack Bluebird Solid Briefs 06boyculture

Much more below ...

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Jul 08 2020
You're Welcome: Max's First Time, For Curbwear Comments (0)

Curbwear-boyculture-11(Images via Curbwear)

Meet 21-year-old Max, a guy spotted near Curbwear's HQ of Rye, South-East England, who was recruited right off the street to pose in the brand's cheeky underwear.


I, uh, think he nailed it ...

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Jul 04 2020
You're Welcome: Steve Grand's Patriotic Ass Comments (0)

Sorry, but this year, you'll have to wrap the flag around an ass like Steve's to make me wanna salute it.

Jun 26 2020
You're Welcome: Modus Vivendi Meets Greeks Come True Comments (0)

Boyculture-mv x gct (1)Good, clean fun (Images by Yiorgos Kaplanidis for Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi and Greeks Come True are teaming up again, and, as always, it's a match made in:


This time, it's an 85-minute film of raw fun.


Via press release:

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Jun 11 2020
You're Welcome: Manuel Kornisiuk Comments (0)

May 03 2020
Mariano Rubin de Celis & 14 Other Ridiculously Hot Instagram Accounts To Follow Comments (0)

Mariano-rubin-de-celis-ass-butt-booty-boycultureRed alert! (Image by Paul Petzy)

There are so many beautiful men on whom to feast on Instagram — and some of them have the brains and talent, or at least the kindness, to back up the back end.

Mariano-Rubin-de-Cellis-boycultureThe tan lines and the wink and the socks and the, and the, and the ... (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)


One of my favorite well-rounded fantasy figures is Mariano Rubin de Celis, a production designer and dancer I first encountered at the 2017 NYC Pride March (my best year, photographically). He looked like a Greek-passive god, and used to have the best butt in NYC.

Theobscurist.clubDid I lie? (Image via the X-rated Obscurist Club)

No longer! But only because he moved to L.A.

Mariano-rubin-de-celis-paul-petzy-boycultureA new snap, in an almost-singlet (Image by Paul Petzy)

De Celis was a fixture Mariano-rubin-de-celis-selfie-boycultureon the NYC scene, but always polite and sweet. His hair and overall look reminded me of the Naked Poet Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, who I saw on the cover of a gay calendar around 1990. I wrote to Dillard and we had a pen-pal thing for a while, but he's off the deep end lately with conspiracy theories. It's harder and harder to find objects of desire without disqualifying non-physical features.

Keep reading for some other Instagram accounts that will totally distract you during your down (or up?) time — and please comment your favorites for my next round-up ...

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