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Oct 15 2018
You're Welcome: Freddie Johnson Comments (0)

Unnamed(Images via Freddie Johnson)

Hot model Freddie Johnson, in case you have not yet met ...

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Oct 06 2018
You're Welcome: New Model From Verner Degray Comments (0)

Jamal by Verner Degray 1bis(All images by Verner Degray)

New talent rom Verner Degray, including more after the jump ...

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Oct 01 2018
You're Welcome: Denim Dude Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.18.06 PMIn the jeans (All images by Verner Degray)

The latest from Verner Degray above, and below ...

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Sep 26 2018
You're Welcome: L'Homme Invisible Hypnos Line Comments (0)

Hypnos 03(Images via L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible's Hypnos line of loungewear is here, and it's queer, so get into it.

More after the jump ...

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Sep 25 2018
You're Welcome: Modus Vivendi's Greek Lux Line Comments (0)

**Greek Lux  (3)(Images by Andreas Constantinou for Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi launches its Greek Lux line as part of its Fall/Winter '18-/'19 collection.

According to a release, the modern Greek company modeled the line after ancient Greek styles.

Keep reading for more ...

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Sep 24 2018
You're Welcome L'Homme Invisible's Viridios Line Comments (0)

16 Viridios(Images via L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible is releasing its Viridios (lacy) line for your wearing — and viewing — pleasure.

11 Viridios

More to come below ...

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Sep 21 2018
You're Welcome: Giacomo Salsano Comments (0)
Giacomo Salsano by Junior Franch for Brazilian Male Model_00(Image by Junior Franch for Brazilian Male Model Magazine)
This editorial of 22-year-old model Giacomo Salsano is by Junior Franch and is exclusively Brazilian Male Model Magazine. Keep reading for more ...

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Sep 18 2018
You're Welcome: Ross Haslam Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.05.40 AM(Image via Instagram)

Diver Ross Haslam is worth taking the plunge for. His Insta is beginning to fill up with pro shots ...

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