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Aug 10 2023
You're Welcome: Cole Jernstedt Comments (0)

Cole-jernstedt-butt-boyculture(Image via video still)

His name is Cole Jernstedt, and his rhythm is a dancer.

You're Welcome: Maluma Comments (0)

Maluma-underwear-boyculture(Image via Instagram)

Maluma's latest Instgram is like ... “Here's my dick!”

Aug 05 2023
You're Welcome: Michael Cimino Comments (0)

Michael Cimino — best pits ever.

Jul 30 2023
You're Welcome: Steven Kelly Comments (0)

Steven kelly 2(Images via Instagram)

I mean, Steven Kelly is like a Colt throwback personified (though definitely seems to be straight). I like that when someone called his crop top gay, he replied, “Just because it won't look good on you, doesn't mean it's gay!”

More, and follow here ...

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May 29 2023
You're Welcome Comments (0)
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May 28 2023
You're Welcome: We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off To Have A Good Time Comments (0)

Blake-stebbins-opossums-boyculture(Image via Facebook)

Via Facebook:

A big shout out to [Elgin, Illinois] Animal Control Officer Blake Stebbins who rescued a litter of baby opossums last week after they were separated from their mother.
I've never been jealous of abandoned opossum infants before, but here we are.
May 26 2023
You're Welcome: Davide Dato Puts The BALL In Ballet Comments (0)

Davide-dato-bulge-boyculture(Image via Facebook)

He is lovely Davide Dato, a Vienna State Opera Ballet dancer. And I love art.

May 03 2023
Fleshback: John Hamill — British Body Beautiful Comments (0)

John Hamill is one of the cutest of the famous physique models of the '60s, and he's still with us at 76 (today). I have some great images of him by Paignton/Barrington in which he goes all-nude, and sometimes playfully romps with a buddy.

I wonder if he is reachable/signs photos?!

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