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Apr 02 2023
You're Welcome: Modus Vivendi's Pied De Poule Line Comments (0)

Boyculture Pied_de_poule_square_post_no_logo (34)(All images by Joan Crisol for MV)

Modus Vivendi is launching its Pied De Poule Line with a City Lights campaign, which is a nice way of saying here are some hot photos:

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Mar 30 2023
Carson Garrett — You're Welcome Comments (0)

Carson-garrett-survivor-boyculture-4Took the mouth right out of my words. (All images via video still/CBS)

Carson-garrett-survivor-boyculture-1-6Carson Garrett, 21, is the twink of the moment. As a bonus — he's super smart! Garrett is studying to be a bona fide rocket scientist, a NASA baby who has always considered himself homely, not realizing he has seriously bloomed of late.

His only flaw: he is apparently STRAIGHT. Garrett tweeted that he's single because the M/F ratio at his school is unfavorable. And as we all know, when there aren't enough girls around, the guys never experiment. Case closed.

Regardless, he seems a sweet person and is awfully fun to look at, and perhaps even blast off to.

Carson-garrett-butt-survivor-boycultureTo the moon, Carson. To the moon.

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

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Nov 26 2022
You're Welcome: Garret Birka Comments (0)

May 25 2022
Fleshback: Tom Of Finland Comments (0)

Outlook-gay-tom-finland-boyculture(Image via Outlook)

Calling Tom of Finland the gay Norman Rockwell was [chef's kiss].

P.S. A suite of 12 ToF works just sold last week at Christie's for $289,800.

May 22 2022
You're Welcome: The Might Casey Swings Out Comments (0)

May 15 2022
You're Welcome Comments (0)

Spider-man-ass-butt-booty-cosplay-boyculture(Image via video still)

The guys in Times Square and at Hollywood & Highland never look like this ...

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May 01 2022
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Jan 21 2022
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