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Mar 11 2017
Don't Tell Mama: Shroom-Addled Brothers Engage In Public Makeout Sesh Comments (0)

Naked-rampageTimothy & Noah Batz (Image via WFLA)

Those brothers who were arrested on a nude rampage in Indianapolis while on pot and shrooms are probably going to regret using drugs for the rest of their lives now that it's been revealed they were caught passionately making out alongside a Dumpster.


Two men are in custody after they went on a nude rampage Sunday afternoon in front of an apartment complex.

Police say they arrive to find 21-year old Timothy Batz and his brother 24-year old Noah Batz walking the area nude.

An investigation found that Timothy and Noah had punched a woman in the forehead earlier after she refused to entertain the brothers’ naked antics. The punch left the woman with a large knot on her forehead.

The assistant manager of the apartment complex stated that she saw the brothers “passionately making out” in front of a dumpster as residents were being advised to stay away from the two. One of the brothers then ran at her and threatened to kill her while banging on her vehicle’s windows.

The two continued their charade by getting in and out of nearby vehicles without permission from the owners.

It should be noted that whoever wrote the piece is not clear on the definition of charade.

The story ended with the boys being arrested for:

... public intoxication, incest, intimidation, obscene performance, disorderly conduct, public indecency, possession of marijuana, resisting law enforcement, attempting auto theft, unlawful entry of a motor vehicle and criminal mischief.

Being arrested for all that and incest is like the EGOT of misbehavior.



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