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Mar 07 2023
Ramin Karimloo Has Beefcake Regrets + Meth Dealer Confessional + Christine Jorgensen Musical + Cher Working On 2 Albums + Boycott Walgreens + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: George Michael: Outed explores how the media destroyed George Michael.

BELOW: Worship Ramin Karimloo for his mind, meth dealer comes clean, the church of Eric Adams and more ...

Ramin-karimloo-boycultureThis was in June. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

PLAYBILL: A very long article about how Ramin Karimloo kind of doesn't want to be Ramin “The Body” Karimloo anymore.

MARQUITOS-show-boycultureTalk, talk (Image via Spotify)

SPOTIFY: Season 2 of The Marquitos Show — a podcast — is now in production.

NBC NEWS: Jason Yamas details going from being an upcoming producer to being a meth-dealing addict in San Francisco.

NYDN: New Yorkers — we have a shithead, fake-Dem mayor.

Miguel-herran-pubes-shirtless-abs-boycultureLower! (Image via Instagram)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Insta gratification.

Christine-jorgensen-trans-musical-boycultureThis story is a natural for musicalization. (Image via Fresh Fruit Festival)

FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL: Coming soon ... Transformation: The Christine Jorgensen Musical.

JUST JARED: Cher has gotten some new music out of her young boyfriend, plans 2 albums and a 2023 tour.

MSNBC: Protests over a Cop City in Atlanta resulted in domestic terrorism charges, which is complete bullshit.

Meryl-meiser-disco-boyculture-gayLast dance (Image by Meryl Meiser/CLAMP Art)

ANIMAL NY: I'm late, but Meryl Meiser's disco NYC images are divine.

KENNETH IN THE (212): At the Gay Movies.

POLITICO: Doug Mastriano lost his gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania last year by double digits because people saw him as a Nazi. So now he wants to run for the Senate and, in a new interview, uses some German to help dispel that perception.

REUTERS: The state of California will no longer do any business with Walgreens over the chain's inexplicable caving to right-wingers in its decision not to offer legal abortion pills.

Walgreens-boyculturePlease don't tell me boycotts don't work. They do. And sometimes, they're just the right thing to do. (Image via social media)